Untitled Event Painting (Study) 2010

Pencil, watercolour, graphite on cartridge paper. A new version of the "event series" started in the early 1980's. Unfinished:
Full painting (study) 2010

Left hand detail with main characters dancing

Right hand detail with Boucher garland in white


They said it would keep snowing...

and it did. Whitley Bay, November 2010, walking from the Rendezvous Cafe back to the Spanish City.


Charcoal ground overlaid with colour pastel

I teach several art classes in Gateshead. Here are some small sketches in charcoal and pastel used to demonstrate to my class of adult learners. I like the way a charcoal ground mixes the overlaid colour in random ways forcing you to be much more intuitive.


Indigo Dream Detail

Indigo Dream detail is a new work from a new project. 
Mixed media on paper and computer. enhancements. 


Tone drawing of old radio internal parts.

Tone drawing of old radio internal parts. 
Soft graphite on heavy white cartridge paper.

Sketch: Lesley reclining

Pencil on cream paper, very quick sketched scheme 
for a painting in oils.


BSL line 4

BSL line 4: pen, pencil on paper

BSL line 3

BSL line 3: pencil on paper

BSL line 2

BSL line 1

BSL line 1: pen, pencil, paper.


Xmas on the windscreen

Xmas on the windscreen - a digital picture taken 26 December 2009.