Fragments from the Fireplace 1

Fragments from the Fireplace 1 is a new work done this week. It is a reworking of a large set of drawings done 30 years ago. The new work will be a reappraisal of the whole series.


Kingswood, Bristol

Kingswood, Bristol. A small pencil sketch near our old house in Kingswood, Bristol. Happy days!



Walk 3 - a small sketch, life-size, tells the story of a walk along the Anglian beach; a David and Goliath tale of the small stone  redefining the larger stone; it's a story of every walk along every beach. Always interesting and for a while completely new to the one who picks up the stone.



Walk 2 -  a pencil and graphite sketch. So small you can hold it inside a closed hand whilst its memories span the universe and time as we understand