Walk 5

Walk 5 a pencil drawing on white paper of a stick pciked up on a walk near Ullswater. The memories this stick holds, now locked into the page, are brought to the front of my mind anytime I see the drawing. This is a truly strange and powerful aspect of image and memory that goes right back to our earliest processing and communication skills. 


Boldon Colliery 1979

Boldon Colliery, Tyne and Wear.  A small study in oil on canvas on board looking across fields, still farmed to this day, to the iconic landscape of my early years. The pallette is starkly characteristic of the contrasting hues of farm and factory yet the scene is a friendly one in my memory's eyes.

Near Warkworth, Northumberland

Near Warkworth, Northumberland, and somewhere between the cottage and the town on a sunny summer afternoon in 1975.  A small oil on canvas on board,  this was an escape into a childhood that was not mine but which I had the privilege to get to know so well. 


Soundwell Road, Bristol

Soundwell Road, Bristol is a small oil on canvas on wood study that started innocently enough - really just to allow me to explore how many greens I could make in one picture. Still it created something more than a process and I ended up with a surprise picture with an atmosphere of a full growth English garden in the warm summer days that you get down in the south west.


The Dome, March 2009

The Dome is a pencil sketch done this morning. The light pretended to be a herald of summer to come whilst the air foretells of snow later this evening. The light contained that most paradoxical of colours - a cold yellow.