Dear Stanley

Dear Stanley is a small intimate oil on canvas glued onto board. Stanley Spencer is one of my all-time heroes.  I recently saw a small but wonderful show of his work in Newcastle's Laing Art Gallery which brought back home to me the real power and humanity of this quintessential English painter and story teller. It was like the welcoming smell of real coffee in the mid-morning. Visit here for more on the great man: http://www.stanleyspencer.org.uk/ 


The art plot thickens....

I recently was tracked by a dogged art detective called Kim.  Kim invited me to join the campaign http://www.myartplot.com/   I have to say, after initially being a bit put off by the choice of mono photos on the home page (why is there no artwork there?) that I like have warmed to site and the easy way it works for users and visitors. The shopping area is practical and I particularly like the random search button that takes you to the registered artists in the MyArtPlot community.  Indeed I too have succumbed and have my own presence in this relatively new community http://www.myartplot.com/users/Bernardqu I am not sure that there is a "fight" (as described in the "about" myartplot blurb) to create art communities of this sort (free, informal, pragmatic) but I like the enthusiasm and apparent informality of their campaign.  There is also an air of unpretentiousness about the site too which is good. Take a look and see for yourself. 


Roger's Head

Roger's Head is a a detail from a large oil on canvas. The pallette is a very close one using only earth colours and no black. I have no idea where Roger is these days but my memory of his companionship is a fond one.


Detail: The Comedians

Detail: The Comedians is a large oil on board painting after a rather amazing small canvas by extraodinary but tragically short-lived French painter Jean Antoine Watteau, 1684-1721 who could magically conjoin melancholy and sweetness in one painting. For some unspecified reason my Mother always liked this painting more than any of my other works. This detail is almost one half of the finished work.