Two for the price of One?

Old Man, Antwerp (above) is a very small pencil drawing on soft yellowed paper. It was done from memory of seeing a group congregated on a street corner near the railway station in Antwerp about two years ago. For some reason when shown in an exhibition and when people see prints of this innocent study everyone seems to react very strongly (fortunately in a positve way) towards the image. Then I found an image (below) drawn from a Watteau painting that I had done as a study for a large oil painting almost 30 years ago (yes I am that old)....

I was amazed at the cycle of experience it suggested and wonder if what motivated me to draw the man in Antwerp was somehow prompted by my earlier drawing? One can only ponder but it is a beguiling thought when you wonder about the process of making images. Well I thought the images are linked even if you may not see it that way!


Yellow Cat 2008

Yellow Cat 2008 is another variation from the Cat series. The series has been produced over a period of some years. See previous blog postings.

Violet Cat 2008

Violet Cat 2008 is a small study in oil pastel on textured coloured paper. A variation on the original line drawing done some years ago of one of our cats.


Fireplace Fragments 3

Fireplace Fragments 3
is one of the series described in the preceding two posts on this blogsite. A series of small drawings in pencil, graphite and colour on cartridge paper.

Fireplace Fragments 2

Fireplace Fragments 2 is one from the series described in the preceding posting. A series of small drawings in pencil, graphite and colour on cartridge paper.

Fireplace Fragments 1

Fireplace Fragments is a series of small drawings that collectively form a nearly lifesize image of one of our old fireplaces in Bristol. I remember the flat where we lived was not heated and so we borrowed Doreen's old tin parrafin heater. The smell of mothballs from the pellets used to combat the parrafin fumes and the huge amounts of water vapour that condensed on all the windows still fill my mind with horror! The heater was a very interesting design and colour and so it became the focal point of this series. I will include a few more from the series in the next few postings to my blog.