My Mother

My Mother is an A3 sized mixed media image mostly watercolour, pencil, colour pencil, pen, gold paint, cut outs and glue. The small photo when Mom was young (in the background) is in stark contrast to the photo I took of her when I was in my mid twenties. Mom was extremely reflective and was quick to criticise herself and others. She always said she was only really happy in her younger days though I also have many happy and fond memories of her. I too am represented in the picture as a column on the left of the picture as you look at it. I have used this photo that I took of Mom many times as her deeply etched face seems to say many things.


The Gold Cat

The Gold Cat is about the elegance of movement and form of our furry friends that is highlighted by putting all the 'detail' in the edge of the shape, where one shape meets another. I also wanted to play around with the negative and positive dynamic to see if this enhanced the qualities of our, now sadly long departed, friend. It is made with gold paint and pencil on hard white paper.