Urbino (revisited)

Urbino (revisited) is an A3-sized rambling in pencil and graphite on white paper. The image was also treated very gently in Photoshop to tease out other qualities, following my nose as the image changed. I like to play with my favourite painters creations, trying to bring them into my lifetime and see where they take me. Here I have returned to one of my all time heroes, Titian.


The First Nightmare

The First Nightmare is one of the more developed studies for the graphic novel I am currently working on with Sid Smith. This image is in pen, pencil and graphite on white medium grade surface paper. The image follows the outline supplied as text by Sid. We are trying to keep the spontanaeity as strong and fresh as possible, so his words give a framework, but more importantly a lift-off point for my images (in much the same way, I guess, that most readers respond to words with scenes in their mind that may differ from those in the mind of the writer). Similarly the images then hopefully spark Sid's imagination when he writes the next sequence of events in a hoped for equal process between writer and illustrator.


Mr and Mrs Cannaby 4

Mr and Mrs Cannaby 4 is a small (1/3rd A4) version of a larger work done on comission late last year. I was, as ever, intrigued by the relationship between people and people and their chosen special objects and of the memories and messages they give out. I was also interested in the 16:9 ratio (roughly) that has come to dominate our view of the world hence the stretched layout here.


Self Portrait in green and yellow 2006

Self Portrait in green and yellow is a straightforward study mainly in watercolour on medium paper with emphases in pencil and pen; the image is roughly A3 size. It was done without preliminary studies. At the time I was doing a lot of thinking about what I wanted to do with the next stage of my life...the jury is still out of course but I am devoting more time to my artwork than for many years which feels right.