One hand two heads

One Hand Two Heads is a small pencil drawing on yellowed paper. It is from the same series as Twisted. The words were 'in flux' and this prompted two figures to present themselves. I don't know (yet) who the hand represents - is it a third character or does it belong to one of the two figures in the picture? This is a story still in the making.


Room, Study 2006

Room, Study 2006 is just that - a study. This is a pencil drawing on medium white cartridge paper that is almost purely about the sense of space and of light, using tone and line and the interplay of intercutting and overlapping shapes. I enjoy these 'quiet' exercises as they can tone up your eye and your sensitivity - its a bit like going to the gym I suppose. Also the ease of the medium allows you to enjoy aspects such as composition quite spontaneously so you can almost walk through the space as you draw, picking up ideas for future reference.



Speechless is one of the drawings from the same series as Twisted (see previous posting below). The word this time was, of course, 'speechless' and the feeling was 'uncertainty, confidence'. It reminds me of those African sculpture heads that so intrigued Picasso leading to his Les Demoiselles d'Avignon - though I hesitate to link myself to an artist as great as Picasso, but he has been and is so inspirational for me particularly when my confidence evaporates. Whether we like their work or not, artists like Picasso encourage us to be free in our method of expression and to respect that freedom whilst developing skill and discipline.



Twisted is a small pencil drawing on yellowed paper from 2006. This is from a long running and continuing series of explorations prompted by a word or a few words (in this case 'trust') coupled with a feeling that then literally generates an image by way of my hand being guided purely by instinct - as far as is possible. Sounds a bit contrived when explained like this (i.e. clumsy words) perhaps, but that could not be further from the truth. Instinct is intrinsically honest and with discipline memory and visual laziness does not taint the image. The image that emerges sometimes takes my mind full circle back to words prompted by the image and here those words were: "There are times when you cannot even trust yourself".