Parents, is a mixed media double portrait (it includes images of my mother and father) on paper made in 2005/6. It is based on a drawing I made of my father sometime in the early 1980's not long after he had suffered a serious heart attack and then had extensive heart surgery. The images of my mother are a photo taken when she was in her late teens/early twenties and a photo I took in the 1980's. She was always talking about how her happy days were those of her young adulthood rather than the latter years of her marriage to my father. I wanted to explore/express something about the relationship between my father and my mother. I made the figure of my father in the foreground as the most important figure but I also wanted to suggest that he was perhaps less permanent and that is why he is semi transparent. I wanted some of this "story" to be obvious and some to be open to interpretation by the viewer - partly because I still do not understand fully my own relationship with my parents.


Girl, sun, stars and animals (study)

This is one of the earlier studies that prompted "Girl, sun, hands" below. Again this is on paper. This one is really a workout for a painting that is still forming in my minds eye.

Girl, Sun and Hands

This image, as with many of my images, came together as part of the process of putting together several motifs (in this instance: hands, head, sun). I have always been fascinated by hands and their power, albeit symbolic as much as physical. Hands can communicate our thoughts and feelings better than many words and can form a powerful visual element of the narrative in a picture.
The hands are my hands drawn from life. The image of the girl started out as a photograph then became a laser print on technical draft trace paper which has then been hand coloured and shaded. This picture has two previous versions. It may be that I wll leave it as is or it may become the vehicle for a larger painting. This version was created in 2006.